Ufund investment have been working in off-market wholesale business for many years in buying Houses, Lands, Multi-families, and Apartments. We have been wholesaling to other wholesalers or brokers in the past. Recently, we started promoting our business to all investors directly. We know our investors’ wants and needs very well as we have been investors ourselves for all these years, and have been soaking deeply in the investment market, evaluating 30-40 deals a DAY, all day long immersing ourselves in all kinds of deals and opportunities, and trying to find gold out of sand.

Since we’ve been in both sides of conventional sales and off markets sales for many years. We are planning to have an information and education session on a few topics.

  1. What’s the differerence between On-Market and Off-Market? What’s the pros and cons? Why Off-market? And where is our future?
  2. If you are passive vs active investors, how many real estate related investment opportunities you can choose from and how you should plan your portfolio. I might even dive into different zipcodes, neighborhoods in details to talk about how to be a smarter investor if we have time.
  3. If you are really interested in learning how to fix and flip houses, Let me show you inside out what you will anticipate and factors to decide if you will earn or lose money in doing it.
  4. We’ll also talk about In either a down market or up market, how to keep up the trend and knowledges. How to stay inner circle to know ahead of others when any opportunity comes, to be able to partner with experienced people and establish long term relationships within right investment groups.
  5. If we have time, we’ll cover briefly how to evaluate an apartment deal quickly using only a few key parameters to make apples to apples comparison.
  6. If we have time, I’ll cover some land investment opportunities as well. How to invest on land.
  7. Who we are? How to work with us, and how to partner with us?


We are only going to do one “FREE” session because of the high cost and time involvement. But we will do our best to make this session worthwhile for both you and us. We absolutely believe you will leave with lots of useful info which will help you down the road. If you enjoy our session and would like to join us, we welcome partnership by any means!