Single Family Home

UFund Investment seeks out discounted and Off-Market single family homes (SFH) exclusively for our clients. We have extensive knowledge and experience finding and acquiring off market properties. Our value added opportunities provide you with exceptional return on your real estate investment. We take pride in providing superior customer service and developing long-term relationships with our investor partners.


We cater to the unique needs of builders and investors whose goal is to develop residential and commercial land. Our experienced team evaluates Off-Market land opportunities for highest and best use; determining value, development and building costs. UFund Land Analysis includes estimated costs for installation of utility infrastructure, clearing the land and recommendations for build-out and land-use options.


Multi-Family properties require understanding of zoning laws and area restrictions. For investors who are interested in these projects, we seek out Off-Market Multi-Family properties with 2-20 units and help our partners determine the options available. This process helps investors predict expenses so, together, we can evaluate the best ROI for your long-term investment.


Our system filters through 30-40 apartment projects per day and continuously produces profit analysis reports for our investors which includes NOI, Cap Rate, Rent Rate Increase, Equity Split Ratio, detailed financial information and the investment potential. Additionally, we compare parameters for similar properties, the professional teams who run the renovation and management, as well as the organizer’s qualifications and experience.


Acquisitions Process

When considering an acquisition, we put prospective properties through a stringent evaluation process that considers:

  • Market Value determined by area comps and conditions.
  • Amount of equity included with an As Is purchase.
  • Short Term vs Long Term appreciation and cash flow analysis.
  • Highest and Best Use options.
  • The impact of renovation costs on profit margins.
  • Predictions and options for investment exit strategy.

Our Working Areas

Ufund Investment acquires properties in major markets throughout the United States.